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One of the least predicted phenomena of recent decades was the emergence of a huge number of people with brilliant technical skills in India.Coming to the main and may be A CONTROVERCIAL DISCUSSION ,there are many and probably different range of answers for it…discussing some main points for it we come across some of these points…

1)STUDY IN INDIA :- Apart from the rest of the world(it is same in Great Britain because of their rule and a long supremacy in India) the teaching procedures in India are quite different.
In U.S.A and also in most of the developed countries, the curriculum mainly consist of EXPERIMENTAL STUDY  as such they have a very good grip on the research part.But in India almost complete curriculum consist of THEORETICAL STUDY AND EXAMS (a very serious amount of exams!!)…..So the students from these countries do not opt(most of them…) for research because of the roots formed in their brains from their childhood due to the teaching culture.
On the other hand Indians mostly opt jobs because of the system of education here.That is the reason why Indians are having quite a good impact on the job sector but not in the research sector.But,where as coming to U.S they are more sound in research projects.And may be that’s why India is giving a good and healthy competition to the super powers in jobs.
I would strongly recommend to every one that,if you are truly interested in research then countries like U.S is a best place.But,if you are interested in job then I would surely recommend India to be placed in the list.

2)POPULATION :- population may also be a cause for the current situation.As we know that India’s population is quite high when compared to different countries so the amount of people competing for a job would surely vary because of it.But I don’t think that would really impact the situation to a large extent because jobs are given basing on only one factor which is intelligence.

3)HARD WORK :- It has been known that not only Indians but the rest of the Asians do a quite high amount of hard work when compared to other Americans and Europeans as per as the surveys made all around the world.So that would surely impact the ratings.let’s see guys,lets take a computer project that would complete in about a month if done in some country where the employers work for about 8 hrs a day,and compare that with some Asian countries where people are ready to work even for 12hrs a day!! That would surely make a difference.Isn’t it??

4)SALARIES :- As we know the expenditure would increase if you live in a well modernized city when compared to a city or a country which is still developing….!
so,that’s quite clear that the cost of living in India will be quite less than that in other super powers of the,salary taken by an individual will be surely less in India than that in other advanced country when he is assigned to do a particular task/work.
So looking at all these reasons,giving a healthy competition to the advanced and the super powers of the world by India is quite reasonable.

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