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Intuitive shutdown timer

It’s common among the users of the social netwoking sites and the surfers on internet that once we start working(chatting or surfing..!!) it’s difficult to come out of it and shut down the system.
Here is a cool solution to it…check this out.
Shut up timer
This application will enable users to easily schedule their PCs to shut down. When minimized, it will be put on your system tray and when the mouse will hover, it will show the current remaining time.And the cool part is that,we can also check the time remaining and lot more.

* If you want to download something and you want the computer shutdown after it finishes the download then this is the freeware program for you!

* You want your kids to have only limited time to use your pc then you can setup the timer so that it will shutdown on its own.

Get that software here….

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