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Time travel-1

When I saw and knew about the time travel I too got too excited about it.Now that I know about the basic science about the space travel, I am going to share with you guys in series of  parts about it.I am going to discuss it in detail.Because it takes a lot of explanation(so the post becomes too big)I am going to write in parts.

There are many ways to time travel.Some of the ways are….

Difference in the mass:Yes,time travel can happen by the variation of  masses(huge amount of mass).Let me make you understand about it.Consider a big and massive object like a massive star.Let me compare time ,when you are near to a star and when you are in open space then the duration of the time is less i.e.,at that moment 1sec < 1sec.I mean the duration of the time decreases.Now let me give you an other example,this will make you understand about it clearly.Now, I am keen to consider earth into consideration.Take the earth,moon system.When you are on earth,then 1hr=1hr,but when you are on moon, 1hr is less than 1hr(YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT HOUR,MINUTE AND THE OTHER UNITS ARE ONLY THE  MEASURABLE UNITS WHICH WE HAVE GIVEN FOR OUR CONVENIENCE) this is because of the higher mass of the earth and the lower mass of moon.Got my point now..?You must understand that the time difference is very very tiny,its like millionth of a second.May be very less,but that too counts!!I will tell you the reason.Though the time variation is too less but,because the distance between the earth and the moon is very high the GPS positioning may have an error of about 8-10 kms(Taking the GPS system as example)

earth satellite system

earth satellite system

I guess its hard for you to digest.Right?You may disagree with me but,its true.Let me give you a live example.Consider our earth,satellite system.Because of the time variation which I have told you now its difficult for the GPS satellites to track us because of the time variation on earth and in the space.So a resetting programs are done so that we get as small error as possible(for letting you know your position the satellite counts the time taken for the signal to reach you which varies because of  the mass and the distance between it and the earth)

So to conclude simply,the astronauts who return are the time  travellers,because they went to space and there the time proceeds slowly…..i.e., if you consider two persons (one astronaut and a common man on earth ,born on same time,date and year) then the astronaut is a bit younger than the guy on earth by quarter of a second depending on the time which he was in space!!

SO the astronaut is younger by less than a second..!!!Very interesting right?

The first part was difficult for me to explain,but the remaining parts are a bit easier for both writing and for you to understand.

Hope you have a nice experience reading the mysteries of time.

source:discovery channel and books

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