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Time travel-2

          First of all I want to apologise to you all,since I haven’t written any posts these days because of the busy schedule and lot of assignments.Now that I am back,I am continuing the topic which is the “Time travel”.I would also like to suggest you to go through my previous time travel blog,because that understanding will help you a lot…

The second way of time travelling is by speed.

SPEED:You may be wondering how can speed influence the topic we are discussing.Right? Let me tell you that mass which we discussed earlier directly co-relates with the speed.Coming to the topic,imagine a train which can really travel with tremendous speed,like speed of light(experimentally this is not possible,but just imagine)

hm….that can be any vehicle,even a car!!Now assume that the passengers have boarded a train in a station, and the train moves with the speed of light.The duration of the time inside the train will be less than the duration of the time outside i.e.,the outside world.For better understanding,I will recommend you to refer my previous blog Time Travel-1,where I have explained this kind of explanation briefly.Because I have already said that speed and mass are inter-related,so just replace the term mass with speed…and you also need some common sense..!!Never mind just kidding…

                                         So,that’s nothing but time travel.Let’s assume that the train left a station 1hr ago for “us”.And it has returned.Then the time duration may be an hour for us but the time duration for the passengers will be not even 15min…!!!As I suggested you earlier,refer to my previous blog.There is resemblance between the two,so you can grasp that easily.

so,the extent of time travel is directly proportional to the speed.

There is only one other way remaining which is quite popular.You can just google it and search…because there are many,many sites which can make you really go deeper into that…that would make you a little comfortable to understand with all the video stuff..

For better command on the topic..i.e,time travel by wormholes,I suggest you to visit Youtube and other video sites, where you can get lot of videos regarding the time travel.

Let the words roll off your mind!

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