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Magics in browser.Part-4

Here comes Opera….



  • Sticky notes have been quite popular,so I thought of posting some addons on that.It’s called ‘Easy Sticky Note’.You can grab it here…
  • It’s soo disturbing when unwanted adds appear when we surf in net.Right?.Here is a solution for that.You can download an addon called ‘NoAds’ which can be a genuine solution for this.You can get this here…..
  • Want to have facebook updates in the browser it self..? Then,here is your gift.It’s called ‘Facebook Preview’.You can grab that here..
  • As I have given in one of the browsers about saving the links on one platform,I wanna give for Opera too.It’s called ‘To-Read Sites’.Grab that here…

Hm…I know what you are thinking right now.Is that,why did I give very limited stuff about addons inOpera? Hm…you can download more addons and also the widgets in the official web site of Opera….

Hope the information was useful.

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