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Best of the best posts!

Lol! It’s been quite some time since I started blogging and didn’t notice that I have actually completed 100 posts! Wow! Didn’t even think of completing 100 posts when I was about to start blogging….Hm.Any way I just thought of sharing my top posts which I personally like with you guys 🙂

That really made a big list! I’ll just divide them into technical and the non-technical ones.It goes something like this.


Does gravity exist!?

Become a SMS spy.

Be a magician to your TV set!



Mantra for virus.

Time travel-1

Time travel-2

Sixth Sense.


Magics in browser(The post is seperate for firefox, chrome and others).

How about having your own web site!?


Control stuff by brain waves.

Best of the best.

Get your own QR code!

Lol..that was really a big technical list!


What makes some people fantastically innovative?

Were homosapies alone!?

Wanna be a successful entrepreneur?

Inspiring atheletes.

Schooling kills creativity!

Doodling improves creativity.

Hope you loved it…:)
But, I enjoyed blogging!!

Let the words roll off your mind!

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