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Wow! man. I seriously got a shock by looking at this. a small metal orb floating in free space that users can manipulate by moving around and placing in mid air. Suspended by a highly tuned electromagnetic field, the orb really does seem to levitate, and the degree to which the system keeps the ball stable even as it is moved around on all three axes is pretty mind-blowing. The ball floats until it is moved, and when placed in a point in space it stays there. And with an added layer of software surrounding it, the orb becomes a tool for all sorts of applications.

The trick to all this is a precision electromagnet fitted to a moving actuator above the ZeroN’s workspace. The electromagnet can move around the space above and rapidly adjust its magnetic pull or resistance based on where the ZeroN is in space, a value that is measured every few milliseconds by an array of IR cameras. So while the ZeroN appears to float as if in defiance of gravity, the setup is purely mechanical. All it really requires is a very precise electromagnet and the right software to keep the orb stable.

But,as usual nothing is too easy! Here is the video.I would like to ask you a question at the end of the video which I didn’t get how it works….

Almost at the end, how did the small metal orb tackled with the gravitational force(I am some of them who believe that gravity doesn’t exists!) when it was made up side down?

Let the words roll off your mind!

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