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Here I come!’s really nice to see my dashboard again.It’s really been very long since I have written any post.You know…the same very old “exams”. I was really surprised by one aspect that I did not really blog these days and how did I got about 40 hits every day.I mean I really feel happy if I even get about 50 hits when I blog some but how come when I didn’t blog! Hm…God knows!
I just have no idea why these exams are kept! And how the hell those 3hrs  would decide who we are.I mean any thing may go wrong in the exam irrespective of what you know.
What ever we just can’t change this old,stupid and mental system. So,that was my perspective towards exams.Any way as told earlier I am back!
I really have some cool stuff on technologies and more….
Very excited to post some…..

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