Read posts on technology, gadgets, science and lot more! comes a technology(a web site) offering the technology to make the earth more greener.It’s just like the windows application softwares like word,Powerpoint and others.In short, it is a  plug-in that automatically optimizes documents for printing in order to save paper.

Time to save earth

Time to save earth

To be simple, this is a plug-in that fills the empty spaces of the spaces logically and beautifully reducing the paper consumption.Um..fitting the image I wanted has been a heck difficult for me so I’m giving the link so just check that out for understanding the technology a bit better. 🙂 Click ‘here’.

Amazing. Isn’t it? Share your views with me….

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Comments on: "A chance to go eco-friendly just by a software!" (3)

  1. hmmm intresting

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