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The other google glass.

Google stunned the technology industry this year when it revealed its plans to sell Google Glass, eyeglass frames that put a small computer display in a person’s field of vision. But some less well-known companies have been selling wearable displays for years, with the military as a dedicated customer, and one is now launching a rival product with a similar design. The move could be seen as a validation of Google’s idea, but that still doesn’t mean consumers will warm to such gadgets.

Vuzix already sells wearable—if clunky—displays to consumers looking to immerse themselves in movies, and it provides more expensive products, such augmented reality glasses with a camera and display in each lens, to researchers and the Department of Defense.

Neither Google’s nor Vuzix’s devices meet a commonly held expectation for such gadgets: that they will display content—like directions—in the center of a person’s vision.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!…

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Source: MIT


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