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This could be hard to believe, but is true. There is also a TED talk regarding this. I couldn’t find it but, do try to find. Who knows, you may find it!

As more cars become connected to smartphones and wireless data networks, they present new challenges for automakers and new opportunities for crooks.A Nissan Leaf owner, for example, recently discovered that he could track a car’s position and speed using a simple Web-based data-feed program.


Landline voicemail:

The phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. should remind us how easily most cellular carrier’s voicemail systems can be accessed.Unfortunately, landline number voicemail systems work the same way. Many providers use a common set of dial-in numbers for voicemail.


Baby monitors:

Security experts used to make a habit of demonstrating how they could tap into the video and audio feeds of numerous nanny cams while driving through suburban neighborhoods!


 Portable game players:

Can you just believe it! I just can’t! Some older consumer electronics devices, such as the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, will only work with the older, insecure WEP encryption standard in order to access a Wi-Fi network.


Your front door!:

Electronic keypads and wireless remote security systems were once only for businesses.Now there are innumerable home electronic security systems, such as Schlage Link, but if they aren’t installed correctly, they can make your home more vulnerable to technically adept thieves.Hackers can lift the code, for example, from a stolen smart phone or intercept the wireless signal when you open the door so that they can return later and empty your house.


Medical implants:

Can you just imagine? Hackers can also switch off your pacemaker! God..!!


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