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Google glass…

Wow!  Just gone mad by knowing it’s potential. I was just surfing around and got a clear idea how it would transform this world.I really felt like I was in some science fiction film! I just wanna give you a rough glimpse of it….Tighten your seat belts mates! Itz really gonna blow off your mind….

Hands-free gaming:

The coolest games for wearable AR apps will probably involve glasses that cover the whole eye, or a contact-lens-style display that covers one or both eyes. But Google Glass might provide a view that augments a multiplayer “reality game” played on the street or in a forest.



Seeing your friends:

Seeing friends!

You go to an amusement park with a group of friends. People are everywhere. You and your friends decide to split up and go your separate ways, but you all want to meet up again later.

If your friends voluntarily share their locations, AR glasses could use GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks to track everyone’s location and display each one in the glasses. Those locations could appear on a “view from above” map, or as silhouettes at ground level (if they are separated from the viewer by one or more walls). The glasses could also identify your friends in a crowd.




The microphone on the glasses would be able to hear what is being said to you, and then translate it into English on the lens. It could even speak it as English into the glasses’ earpiece. Responding with the right words is a little more difficult. You would have to speak your response into the microphone on the glasses, and then let the servers display the words in French on the display, at which point you’d speak the words in French.


Medical emergencies:

Such an app would display simple instructions on the screen and voice it in the earpiece of the glasses. The program might use the camera to help the wearer zero in on the right place to position the heel of the hand on the victim’s chest before starting compressions. The app would watch the user’s actions and advise the wearer when to switch from giving breath to doing chest compressions.


Travel information:

With Google Glass you could use voice commands to pull up travel information on the lens. The content could be anything from ground transportation data to flight numbers to rooms available in hotels at your destination.During travel, you may be moving through places that are completely foreign to you. Navigating through large airports or subway systems (try Tokyo’s!) can be daunting, especially when the signage is in a foreign language. The glasses could translate all the signs and give you step-by-step directions, with routes and landmarks overlaid on your field of vision. With everything decoded, the unfamiliar environment would seem more welcoming, and your stress level would go down.



A Wi-Fi signal locator and speed measurement app would place a Wi-Fi icon next to the base stations within the wearer’s field of vision, and the icon would grow larger or smaller depending on the strength of the signal being transmitted.


History of places:

Content can become a hundred times more meaningful when presented over the real-world thing it relates to.You can also move a slider up and down a timeline to see photos from specific time periods.If such content were retrofitted to display on the glasses, it might truly come alive. As you walked around the city wearing the glasses, historical pictures of specific places you were seeing through the lens could appear. You could fix your eye on the steps of City Hall, and then use the slider to go back in time to superimpose older and older pictures of the scene, watching the ghosts of the past come into view and depart again.


Nutrition and shopping:

I specifically love this! 😛

You could port the nutrition information to a dieting site (like Weightwatchers) and/or an exercise site. You’d then immediately know how much of the food you could eat while adhering to the rules of your diet, and how much exercise you’d have to do to work off one serving of the food.  Knowing the nutrition, dieting, and fitness aspects of the food you were looking at would help you make better-informed decisions about what and how much to buy.

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Headache with ketchep is over!

I had this info since some time and lazy enough to postpone.But, thought of posting it today…

This is “LiquiGlide,” a coating of non-toxic materials that allows every single drop of your favorite condiment to flow effortlessly out of the bottle.



LiquiGlide was invented by MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith, along with a team of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists

The team, part of the Varanasi Research Group spent the last two months holed up in MIT’s labs developing the amazing substance.

Check out the video:It’z damn awesome. I guess there is no need of hiting the ketchep bottle I guess! 😛

Source: Bissinessinsider

A chance to go eco-friendly just by a software! comes a technology(a web site) offering the technology to make the earth more greener.It’s just like the windows application softwares like word,Powerpoint and others.In short, it is a  plug-in that automatically optimizes documents for printing in order to save paper.

Time to save earth

Time to save earth

To be simple, this is a plug-in that fills the empty spaces of the spaces logically and beautifully reducing the paper consumption.Um..fitting the image I wanted has been a heck difficult for me so I’m giving the link so just check that out for understanding the technology a bit better. 🙂 Click ‘here’.

Amazing. Isn’t it? Share your views with me….

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Advanced touch screen technology.

Senseg turns touch screens into Feel Screens. With Senseg touch screens come alive with textures and edges that users can feel. Using Senseg technology, makers of tablet computers, smart phones, and any touch interface device can deliver revolutionary user experiences with high fidelity tactile sensations



This is how it works:

By passing an ultra-low electrical current into the insulated electrode, Senseg’s Tixel, the proprietary charge driver can create a small attractive force to finger skin. By modulating this attractive force a variety of sensations can be generated, from textured surfaces and edges to vibrations and more.



Here is a cool video.Do check this!

Here is their website to find more info…

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A personal networking.

This app developer created Kik Messenger for fast, cross-platform and group texting, as well as the Clik app, which turns smartphones into remote controls for any screen that has an internet browser!

Kik messenger

It’s cool!

It took only 15 days for Kik Messenger to reach one million user registrations, with Twitter being credited as a catalyst for the new application’s explosion.

Just check out this video.You can also get the reviews on android,blackberry and also iphone….

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Syyn Labs.

Um..I have been thinking to write some posts on the companies which come forward with their uniqueness into the market.Here is the one called “Syyn Labs”.

Syyn Labs

Syyn Labs

Syyn Labs is a Los Angeles-based organization that fuses the worlds of technology and interactive sciences with artistic mediums to design and construct visually dynamic spectacles that inspire thought and provoke conversation.

They really do some crazy stuff with a team having engineers,artists and what not! They got real famous after a viral(not a true virus 😛 ) video on youtube.

Here is the video for you.

Don’t forget to visit their site…

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