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Anna’s movement against corruption.

The present hot topic in India is anna’s fight against corruption…
To day India is still based on early indipendance system, where politics treated as tool to serve the country, but today same politics is a short cut route for power and loot country for money.

The selfish politicians,buerocrats and business houses spoiled system for their own selfish motives.All the three politics,burocrasy and business houses spread their roots right from Delhi to the remote village corner,Corruption became part of Indian life style.

This corruption cancer can’t be eradicated with out proper mechanism which will run on its own,without outside interference,and must be exclusively focused on corruption only.
So far Indians are able to see such a big scams like asian games or 2G scams.But after getting Janlokpal these type of scams must be identified and curtailed at primitive stage only.

It is the only way development will reach every corner of the country.

To Run Janlokpal system every Indian can spare Rs 5/month(a cup of tea every month) to fetch Rs 6,000 crores a year. Enough to create healthy,transparent, competent India.Lokpal must have power to impeach any elected member and he can’t be allowed to contest in any form of election for lifetime, if he is proven guilty, remove government servent from the service and take back all money,property from politician,burocrat or business house.

Even for all political parties, janlokpal will bring decipline and accountability in their parties.
Jan Lokpal must be Democratecally elected body,elections every year, any body found guilty, will be replaced by the next person in the list.

Elected members should not be from any political party, no age limit from 18 to 80 years

This not a anna hazare movement

It’s a common man moment led by Anna Hazare.

There must be a five tyre Janlokpal.

1) Delhi level
2) State capital level

Both janlokpal members will be elected by only graduates of INDIA.
Our politicias wants this voting for every body. Our innocent uneducated people will
Again make this a big failure by electing wrong people.

3) District level
4) Taluk/mandal level

Here the members will be elected by people who have completed their schooling.

5) Village panchayat level
Members will be elected by any citizen of India.

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