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Super hot to super cool with in a second.

I’m talking at the range of 2,200 degrees! These materials are used for the safety of shuttles. Due to the drag produced when they enter the earth’s atmosphere, temperatures of unbelievable range are produced.

See the temperature?

Take a look at this video, filmed at the Kennedy space station.You’d be awed!

The new eye tracker!

Tobii’s technology uses your eyes to replace your mouse cursor, and the company’s monitor-mounted REX peripheral now allows virtually anyone to take advantage of it. At CES 2011, startup Tobii and Lenovo launched a custom-designed notebook that used Tobii’s eye-tracking technology.

The REX attaches to the underside of your LCD monitor. After about 30 seconds of training, the REX’s electronic eyes follow your own, allowing you to control your cursor with just your eyes. It’s amazingly accurate, although you’ll still need to “click” with your keyboard.

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Did you know these can be hacked?!


This could be hard to believe, but is true. There is also a TED talk regarding this. I couldn’t find it but, do try to find. Who knows, you may find it!

As more cars become connected to smartphones and wireless data networks, they present new challenges for automakers and new opportunities for crooks.A Nissan Leaf owner, for example, recently discovered that he could track a car’s position and speed using a simple Web-based data-feed program.


Landline voicemail:

The phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. should remind us how easily most cellular carrier’s voicemail systems can be accessed.Unfortunately, landline number voicemail systems work the same way. Many providers use a common set of dial-in numbers for voicemail.


Baby monitors:

Security experts used to make a habit of demonstrating how they could tap into the video and audio feeds of numerous nanny cams while driving through suburban neighborhoods!


 Portable game players:

Can you just believe it! I just can’t! Some older consumer electronics devices, such as the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, will only work with the older, insecure WEP encryption standard in order to access a Wi-Fi network.


Your front door!:

Electronic keypads and wireless remote security systems were once only for businesses.Now there are innumerable home electronic security systems, such as Schlage Link, but if they aren’t installed correctly, they can make your home more vulnerable to technically adept thieves.Hackers can lift the code, for example, from a stolen smart phone or intercept the wireless signal when you open the door so that they can return later and empty your house.


Medical implants:

Can you just imagine? Hackers can also switch off your pacemaker! God..!!


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Greener technology


Better, brighter LEDs- inspired by fireflies.

By mimicking the jagged structure of a lightning bug’s “lantern” in a layer on top of existing LEDs, the amount of light from the semiconductor device can be increased up to 55 percent.



Much of the light produced by LEDs gets reflected back into the device due to large differences between how light travels through the LED materials compared to air. This reduces “drastically the efficiency of LEDs,”

Here is the interesting part, similarly jagged material that they added to a standard gallium-nitride LED increased the amount of light that shone from the device by up to 55 percent!

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Greener technology

An electronic flowerpot monitors your gardening!

For some, this may seem like a superfluous product since many varieties of houseplants don’t require an excessive amount of care. But for those with a history of killing their flowery friends, or those whose travel schedules don’t permit regular watering, Click & Grow could be a helpful solution.

Each flower-pot is wired with sensors, a processor and software that checks on the plant and provides it with fertilizer and water as needed. Each pot uses a combination of hydroponics and aeroponics, and still requires an occasional refilling of the water reservoir, about once a month.

A light on the flowerpot illuminates when the reservoir requires refilling, and the pot uses a pump to nourish the roots over time. While the pot takes care of water and fertilization, it’s up to the owner to find suitable lighting. The company recommends indirect sunlight.

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Flexible batteries!

Professor Keon Jae Lee  created a solid-state flexible battery that retains is energy level when folded, spindled, and or mildly mutilated. The battery could mean the future e-readers and tablets could be paper-thin and partially foldable, encouraging  new device designs.

These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are actually printed on a thin-film. Applying battery material to rollable displays has been a big problem for the gadget manufacturers thus far but this breakthrough could change the way we think about surfaces, screens, and case materials.



As you can see from the video, the thin-film battery can be bent over and over again without reducing voltage output.

The future of tumor detection?!

This is the technology in which we inject minute amounts of different cancer drugs into a tumor while it is still in the body. Once the tumor is removed, doctors can examine it to see which drugs killed its cancerous cells. The new device uses several needles to inject small quantities of drugs into a tumor through the skin into a living tumor with the needles thread narrow columns of drug through the tumor  once the tumor is removed, it is sliced into thin sections which can be stained for markers of drug activity.

technology lets researchers test live tumors to see whether a small injection of a particular cancer drug (green) will work. The red marks show tumor cells succumbing to a drug. The drug is working in the top image, but not in the bottom one.

Technology lets researchers test live tumors to see whether a small injection of a particular cancer drug (green) will work. The red marks show tumor cells succumbing to a drug. The drug is working in the top image, but not in the bottom one.


The researchers are working on a handheld disposable version of the device and recently launched a clinical study of the technology.

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“The ‘Golden Eagle Snatches Kid’ video, uploaded to YouTube on the evening of December 18, was made by Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, students at Centre NAD, in the production simulation workshop class of the Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design….Both the eagle and the kid were created in 3D animation and was then  integrated into the film afterwards. 

Awesome. Isn’t it?!

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