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Some cool apps!

 Leave Now:

Nah, I’m not telling you to leave my blog now! 😛 It’s the name of the app.

This free app keeps you on time for your next meeting by telling you exactly when to leave. It posts a reminder message on your iOS device’s (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) home screen precisely when it’s time to get up and go.

Using GPS, it automatically calculates traffic for various modes of transportation, including walking, biking, driving and public transportation, and adjusts your departure times and reminders accordingly. When you’re running late, Leave Now sends “on my way” texts and emails on your behalf to let people know your estimated time of arrival — all in a single tap.

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Forgotten heroes of technology-3

Jack Nilles:Father of telecommuting

Jack Nilles

Jack Nilles

Nilles coined the term in the early ’70s while working at the University of Southern California. He founded the management consulting firm, JALA International, Inc., in 1980 and left USC in 1989 to devote full time to JALA. Telecommuting isn’t rocket science, but Nilles is, in fact, a rocket scientist who designed space vehicles for the U.S. Air Force and NASA.
Here is his blog

 John Backus:Father of Fortran

John Backus

John Backus

The former IBM computer scientist developed Fortran (Formula Translator) in the ’50s. Fortran is considered the world’s first widely used computer programming language. Backus died last year at age 82. As a young man, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was removed and a plate was installed in his head. Later, a second plate was put in, one that Backus designed himself.

 Tony Fadell:Father of the iPod

Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell

Fadell had an idea, pitched it around, was hired by Apple and the rest is history. He started as an outside consultant, became the first member of Apple’s iPod hardware engineering team in 2001, and is now senior vice president of the iPod Division. So why haven’t you ever heard of Tony Fadell? Apparently the Apple PR machine wants to keep the spotlight on a certain you-know who! Wanna know the detailed look at the birth of IPOD? Check this out.

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