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Want to run android apps on windows/Mac?

If you’re a Windows 8 user frustrated with the paltry selection of apps, or a Mac OS X user who wants an Android experience without having to buy any additional hardware, BlueStacks offers a virtual Android environment, complete with access to the Google Play store.Believe me this is totally cool!


It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Mac OSX.

Interface: It is pretty cool and fluidly good. Just check out.

To find apps in BlueStacks, we clicked the Search button. After typing what we wanted and tapping “Find,” it only took a couple of seconds for BlueStacks to return all of the relevant results.

After we tapped Install, we were asked to log into our Google account. BlueStacks then asked to set up 1-Click Sync, requiring us to log into the Google account that we used on the device we wanted to send apps to. Then, we selected all the devices we wanted to sync with BlueStacks. The app will detect all the gadgets that you use to log into that particular Google account.

Just take a look at the official website:

This is how you install bluestacks(It is a bit boring):


Some cool apps you ought to have.


Ever missed something which you though you’d easily remember? Don’t worry I too miss them! Here is an app that’ll make sure that’ll never happen again.And who knows, it may be the next big thing on internet!

Catch helps you capture your most important ideas so you never miss anything. You can create voice, photo, and text notes, online and offline.

Available on iphone and Android


Spoken Layer:

Spoken layer converts an entire webpage into a podcast for easy listening. The app makes it possible for you to listen to articles while on a walk or commuting.


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