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Magics in browser.Part-1.

I just had a thought the previous day that,I have been posting regarding the stuff in net but haven’t posted any thing related to the heart of the internet,in my view which is ‘the browser’.So I just want to write about the magics and the coool stuff in different browsers.Let me tell you,I feel this is my best collection regarding the ‘stuff in net‘ .

Coming to the browsers,there are 5 different types of browsers which are quite popular these days,which are

  1. Fire Fox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Safari
  4. Explorer
  5. Opera

I am going to discuss about these,one at a time i.e.,in 5 individual posts.

Coming to the firefox… are the cool things.



  • When you actually want to copy the wanted text from the internet and print that,you some time  get the html code too.For avoiding that,you need to have ‘copy plain text’.You can get this here
  • When we download something from the internet and want to see what we have actually downloaded so far,what do we do? Go to tools and check there..?? Hm….let me tell you, you wouldn’t do that from now.Because,here I tell you a link where from you can download ‘Download Statusbar’ by which you would get the complete info what you have downloaded so far in the form of ‘status bar’!
    Here is the link…
  • When we minimise the windows or the software, we know how to sit on the taskbar.But do you know how to minimise them in the ‘system tray’? Don’t worry here I am to tell you.Here is the link to add to your firefox…
  • When you bookmark some web sites or the links it is not too cool to check the desired the link again by going to the bookmark section.Right?.So….,can we store some special links in a seperate folder? Yep sure..!! Here is the link to add this to your firefox.
  • It’s a well known fact that not every site is safe.For setting up a security in the dangerous sites soo that,the script files doesn’t run by themselfs,we have a cool add on called ‘Noscript’.You can download it here…

I am gonna come up with some more cool add ons in the upcoming posts in the firefox.These were some,which I found interesting.



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