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Transmitting electricity through 4-inch concrete block and could power cars on roads!


Just imagine the world after 20 years!

These can successfully transmit electricity through a 10 centimeter-thick concrete block. During a demonstration in Yokohama, Japan, the team sent between 50 and 60 watts of power through a pair of concrete blocks to two tires, which then juiced up a light bulb (you can see the rig just above). The project is called EVER (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway), and could someday be used to keep cars moving along a highway without any need to pull over for a recharge, thanks to a constant stream of electricity coming from below the road. There are some serious obstacles to overcome before EVER can get some wheels turning — namely, a need to pump nearly 100 times the current maximum load through concrete that’s twice as thick as what they’ve managed today, not to mention improving undisclosed efficiency levels.

Source: Yokohama institute of tech.

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Forgotten heroes of technology-2

John Cioffi:Father of DSL

John Cioffi

John Cioffi

Not one to blow his own horn, Cioffi shies away from publicity. But by all accounts, the Stanford professor was intent on coming up with a way to deploy broadband over copper wires and developed asymmetrical digital subscriber line (DSL) technology. He left Stanford in 1991 to found Amati Communications Inc. He has since returned to Stanford, where his research focuses on Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM).

 Gary Thuerk:Father of spam

Gary Thuerk

Gary Thuerk

In 1978, an overly aggressive sales rep from Digital Equipment Corp. sent out a pitch to several hundred names on an early ARPANET mailing list. Not only did Gary Thuerk get flamed, the feds running ARPANET threatened to throw him in jail. How times have changed. Today, 80 to 90 percent of all email is spam and nobody seems to know where it’s coming from or how to stop it. As for Thuerk, he’s at HP, still selling computer gear. Is Thuerk embarrassed about unleashing the scourge of spam on the world? Not really. “I’m the first one to do it, and I’m proud of it,” he says.
Here is some cool stuff about the first spam ever!

 Doug Engelbart:Father of the mouse

Doug Engelbart

Doug Engelbart

Engelbart is an early Internet pioneer. In 1969, ARPANET’s first transmission was between nodes at Leonard Kleinrock’s lab at UCLA and Engelbart’s lab at Stanford. A philosopher, scientist, and inventor, he’ll always be known as the father of the mouse, which he patented in 1970. He never received any royalties however. His patent expired in 1987, before the personal computer revolution. Today, at 83, he heads the Doug Engelbart Institute.

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Source: Infoworld

Virus power!

We heard of producing power by potential energy and others( jumping on floor, walking etc!). But,check out the advancement guys. Now you can produce power by using viruses too!

THough the system is almost same, but doing the same thing in such a small scale is obviously challenging.And Bekerly Lab scientists have done that.

Check out the following link for brief description of this technology!

If you are too busy or may be too lazy to check out here is the video…. 😛

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