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Television search made easy!

I have seen many sites which compare gadgets and gives some cool results as per as our requirement.I got one for televisions! But,it is strictly for the HD TVs.You can have a detailed list of trending HDTVs, the most popular ones and lot more.

HDTV Genie

HDTV Genie

Here is the link. Make a good choice!

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Virus power!

We heard of producing power by potential energy and others( jumping on floor, walking etc!). But,check out the advancement guys. Now you can produce power by using viruses too!

THough the system is almost same, but doing the same thing in such a small scale is obviously challenging.And Bekerly Lab scientists have done that.

Check out the following link for brief description of this technology!

If you are too busy or may be too lazy to check out here is the video…. 😛

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