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Magics in browser.Part-2.

Continuing the previous post….well,its time for ‘chrome‘.

Google chrome

Google chrome

  • For checking out the important due works later, having ‘Snippy’would be the best choice.By selecting ‘Click to snip’, you can save almost any thing.’Show Snippet’ is the option by which you can check that again.And by ‘Clear Snippet’ delete that.You can find that here…
  • Have you ever heard of splitting the screen off..? You can actually split the screen into two parts carry on with your work.For doing this you need to have ‘Split screen’ add on.You can get that here…
  • For getting the info about the previously closed window we generally use ‘recently closed’ option.For getting info about the window closed about some days together we use ‘trash can’ option.But,what for getting the complete info at a time..!!?? You can download that here…
  • Hm….basically I am cricket fan,so for getting live updates about the scores and all you need to have ‘ESPN Cricinfo’.You can get that here….

I will surely come up with some of other cool add ons very soon….

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