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TaPuMa is also invented by Pranav Mistry.I have also discussed about his other inventions in my blog in other posts titled,sixth sense and mouseless.

TaPuMa is a Tangible Public Map, which allows people to use their own belongings, the objects they usually carry with them to access relevant and just-in-time information and locations of places from a public map.



The vast improvement in classical methods of information access and information retrieval has resulted from the invention of keyword-based search mechanism. Keywords serve as filters for desired information when users search in structured knowledge bases or with search engines such as Yahoo! or Google. TaPuMa uses everyday objects as interface to just-in-time and relevant information.

This very device is such that,you just put any thing one the screen and there you get a complete picture of that.Hm..confused? Don’t worry you would understand that clearly when you see the video below.

Here is a video for your better understanding….

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