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Play games without graphic card!

Believe me, gamers gonna love this post like hell! Ever imagined of playing games without a graphic card? I’m not talking about the basic games which would run with out graphic card!

3D Analyzer

3D Analyzer

You need to download a software called “3D Analyzer”.3D analyze is a graphic card emulator that can emulate all the features of a 3d graphic card like a pixelshader. If a game stops running on the system just because you don’t have a graphics card and this is rectified by this cheers!
By making the necessary changes in the setting you can play what ever game you feel like playing!

Download it here:

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Syyn Labs.

Um..I have been thinking to write some posts on the companies which come forward with their uniqueness into the market.Here is the one called “Syyn Labs”.

Syyn Labs

Syyn Labs

Syyn Labs is a Los Angeles-based organization that fuses the worlds of technology and interactive sciences with artistic mediums to design and construct visually dynamic spectacles that inspire thought and provoke conversation.

They really do some crazy stuff with a team having engineers,artists and what not! They got real famous after a viral(not a true virus 😛 ) video on youtube.

Here is the video for you.

Don’t forget to visit their site…

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Forgotten heroes of technology-2

John Cioffi:Father of DSL

John Cioffi

John Cioffi

Not one to blow his own horn, Cioffi shies away from publicity. But by all accounts, the Stanford professor was intent on coming up with a way to deploy broadband over copper wires and developed asymmetrical digital subscriber line (DSL) technology. He left Stanford in 1991 to found Amati Communications Inc. He has since returned to Stanford, where his research focuses on Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM).

 Gary Thuerk:Father of spam

Gary Thuerk

Gary Thuerk

In 1978, an overly aggressive sales rep from Digital Equipment Corp. sent out a pitch to several hundred names on an early ARPANET mailing list. Not only did Gary Thuerk get flamed, the feds running ARPANET threatened to throw him in jail. How times have changed. Today, 80 to 90 percent of all email is spam and nobody seems to know where it’s coming from or how to stop it. As for Thuerk, he’s at HP, still selling computer gear. Is Thuerk embarrassed about unleashing the scourge of spam on the world? Not really. “I’m the first one to do it, and I’m proud of it,” he says.
Here is some cool stuff about the first spam ever!

 Doug Engelbart:Father of the mouse

Doug Engelbart

Doug Engelbart

Engelbart is an early Internet pioneer. In 1969, ARPANET’s first transmission was between nodes at Leonard Kleinrock’s lab at UCLA and Engelbart’s lab at Stanford. A philosopher, scientist, and inventor, he’ll always be known as the father of the mouse, which he patented in 1970. He never received any royalties however. His patent expired in 1987, before the personal computer revolution. Today, at 83, he heads the Doug Engelbart Institute.

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Source: Infoworld

Saver from the boring bar,QR codes!

I find the bar codes and the QR codes soo boring! I guess you too feel the same! When I saw the idea which I am going to discuss here now, I really felt like “Booom!”
I mean the idea itself is soo beautiful and kind of simple that I felt angry on myself!
Here comes the main exciting part of it.Though the info is stored in this type of code, unlike the QR and bar codes we can also customise the logo in it!
Confused?! Hm…the pictures will clear your doubts!

I guess you also got the functioning of this technology. Because we can get infinite combinations of the no. of spaces and positions we can obtain many individual codes.
There’s also a scanner available in android market and the others as well.

That’s completely ingenious! Just check out their website for the further info(there’s a heck of lot info there…just check out for sure!). Snaptag

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Tech flops this year!

Facebook IPO:

Facebook went public on May 18, 2012, with the price of a share initially set at $38. The company was valued at $104 billion–quite a bit for a company whose 2011 revenue just topped $3.7 billion–so it might not be surprising that the Facebook IPO sort of…flopped.. At this writing, a little more than two weeks later, Facebook shares were trading around $27 , down $11.10 from the opening price.


Smart phone based social network “Path” was rolling along pretty well until this February, when a developer discovered that the app was uploading users’ address book  to its servers without their explicit consent. Though Path was not the only app to upload names, email addresses, and/or phone numbers from users’ address books without the users’ express permission), the network’s road to forgiveness has been difficult.

Google Wallet:

Tech vendors have been talking up NFC (near-field communication) mobile payments for a while now. But it looks as though 2012 won’t be the year of the mobile payment system; consumers have been reluctant to adopt the payment method. Also, in February of this year, a blog described a troubling security flaw in Google’s NFC payment method, Google wallet. The vulnerability allowed anyone holding a rooted smartphone that was running Google Wallet to access the Google Wallet PIN and make purchases using the credit card tied to the NFC chip.

PlayStation Vita:

Sony’s anticipated Playstation Vita handheld gaming console debuted in the United States on February 22. Despite positive reviews, the Vita suffered a rough launch, prompting observers to wonder whether handheld gaming consoles are worth the extra money when smartphones have effectively become gaming machines.

Source: Infoworld

Virus power!

We heard of producing power by potential energy and others( jumping on floor, walking etc!). But,check out the advancement guys. Now you can produce power by using viruses too!

THough the system is almost same, but doing the same thing in such a small scale is obviously challenging.And Bekerly Lab scientists have done that.

Check out the following link for brief description of this technology!

If you are too busy or may be too lazy to check out here is the video…. 😛


Hm..this thing is really smart!  It records everything you write and links it to what you say. Whatever you write, draw and hear can be transferred to your computer within seconds.. You can Record, playback, send and share your files with a single click. Also, since its a computer, you can customize it with apps. So forget carrying your your laptop to important meetings, lectures, conferences and seminars.

Pretty impressive..!!

Smart pen!

Smart pen!

You can get more info on this gadget here…

Extremely cooooool…!

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