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Saver from the boring bar,QR codes!

I find the bar codes and the QR codes soo boring! I guess you too feel the same! When I saw the idea which I am going to discuss here now, I really felt like “Booom!”
I mean the idea itself is soo beautiful and kind of simple that I felt angry on myself!
Here comes the main exciting part of it.Though the info is stored in this type of code, unlike the QR and bar codes we can also customise the logo in it!
Confused?! Hm…the pictures will clear your doubts!

I guess you also got the functioning of this technology. Because we can get infinite combinations of the no. of spaces and positions we can obtain many individual codes.
There’s also a scanner available in android market and the others as well.

That’s completely ingenious! Just check out their website for the further info(there’s a heck of lot info there…just check out for sure!). Snaptag

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