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Some cool apps!

 Leave Now:

Nah, I’m not telling you to leave my blog now! 😛 It’s the name of the app.

This free app keeps you on time for your next meeting by telling you exactly when to leave. It posts a reminder message on your iOS device’s (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) home screen precisely when it’s time to get up and go.

Using GPS, it automatically calculates traffic for various modes of transportation, including walking, biking, driving and public transportation, and adjusts your departure times and reminders accordingly. When you’re running late, Leave Now sends “on my way” texts and emails on your behalf to let people know your estimated time of arrival — all in a single tap.

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Decide by size!

I am quite sure I am gonna get some better hits for this post because it’s related to mobiles!’s quite confusion which mobile to buy, when we have a hell a lot of options.It also becomes a problem when the mobile doesn’t fit free or have problems relating to size! Here I get you a web site where you can compare mobiles by ‘size’.

Looks like a cool way to compare!

Here is the site.Visit it for sure 🙂

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Siri insults it’s makers!

Apple’s sassy personal assistant, Siri, for a couple of weeks, the virtual assistant answered the question “What is the best smartphone ever?” with the answer  Nokia Lumina 900.

Siri had pulled its information from Wolfram Alpha, which based its rating of the Lumia 900 on Best Buy customer reviews. Apple has since recalibrated it to answer the question with such witticisms as “You’re kidding, right?”

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