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Better, brighter LEDs- inspired by fireflies.

By mimicking the jagged structure of a lightning bug’s “lantern” in a layer on top of existing LEDs, the amount of light from the semiconductor device can be increased up to 55 percent.



Much of the light produced by LEDs gets reflected back into the device due to large differences between how light travels through the LED materials compared to air. This reduces “drastically the efficiency of LEDs,”

Here is the interesting part, similarly jagged material that they added to a standard gallium-nitride LED increased the amount of light that shone from the device by up to 55 percent!

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flexible screens.

The technology incorporates the use of plastic in the production of an electronic display, rather than glass. This means that if you drop it on the ground, it won’t crack. It also means the display has the ability to be bent and twisted without compromising. The focus right now is assumed to be for smartphones and tablets, but eventually it could be used for all sorts of products.

The problem is that it is incredibly difficult to mass produce for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it uses organic LED, which is still fairly cost-prohibitive. If any company has the infrastructure and expertise to solve that problem, though, it is ‘samsung’ The company did not provide specific details about how much money it is pouring into this project, but its increased focus could mean that it will become ready for scalable manufacturing in the first half of 2013.

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