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See-through multimedia glasses!

The pocket-sized control unit runs on an Android 2.2 platform and offers web browsing capability allowing users to watch content from most websites including MPEG 4 and H.264 videos, files or applications and side by side 3D viewing on the move.

Moverio BT-100

Moverio BT-100


The QHD display resolution, which equals to a quarter of Full HD, claims to offer an experience similar to watching a big-screen projection, even in confined environments such as aeroplanes and trains.

The Moverio BT-100 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, control unit, detachable headphones, 4GB SD card, internal1GB memory and a carry case.


Other features:

  • Carry case and battery charger.

  • Store content on the 4GB SDHC card (included).

  • Up to 32GB memory capacity for large file storage.

  • Built-in 1GB internal memory.

  • Watch side-by-side 3D content.

  • Replacement nose pads and adjustable side arms.

  • Fits over glasses.

  • Smart-navigation user menu.

  • Digital user guide enables quick, helpful problem solving whenever needed.

  • Enjoy both audio and visual content with a pair of Dolby Mobile2 stereo sound earphones (included).

  • Up to six hour battery life.

  • Removable transparent lens shade.

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