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Magics in browser.Part-3.

It’s time for a Safari in safari..!!

Safari...not the african one..!!

Safari...not the african one..!!

  • For finding the downloading info much fast and conviniently you need to have ‘Ultimate Status Bar’.You can find the Original URL from the Short URL.You can also know about the type of the file that you are downloading,size of the file and what not…!! You can get that here,
  • Can you edit the photos and the videos in the browser..? Yep,the answer is yes.For that you need to have ‘ZoomInto’.When you point the pointer on any of the photo in the jpg format you will get the icon.There by editing there itself.You can get that here…
  • This is too good…for watching 2150 T.V channels all over,you need to have ‘Live TV’.You can just have every thing,movies,songs,matches every thing.Here is the link to have it…
  • You can share various videos,photos and ‘Search Shared’.Get this here…
  • For viewing free channels online in net you can have ‘Your TV’.Get it here…

You can also download the addons directly from the official page of safari too….

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