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Magics in browser.Part-5.

The last browser of my discussion,Explorer.



  • This has been my favourite since I saw the applications of gestures in the computer technology mostly by the work of, Pranav Mistry.Making the work done just by the gestures by the mouse can be done..!! For this you need to have ‘Mouse Gestures’.You can control a lot of functions just by a click or gustures done by mouse.You can get that here….
  • For blocking the popup ads in the site,you can use ‘Simple adblock’.You can grab it here…
  • The addon what I am about to tell you is somewhat like a dictionary,but found that to be quite good.So,I have decided to share.It work some thing like this.when you type something in the given box then complete info about that word with the related stuff ,photo appears.It.s called as ‘Apture Highlights’.You can get that here…
  • Hm…this is the addon I both like and do not.Its a spell check.Its called ‘ieSpell’.Grab that here…

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