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How about having your own web site..!?

There are many sites offering you guys to create your own personal website! I am going to deal with some of the web sites and their specialities in this post.But make sure that you really create one after completely reading this post.You need not know languages like HTML for this.It’s very easy and don’t disappoint me..!!!

  • The first site I would like to deal with is ‘webnode’.You just need to go to the site,become a member and start on! Select the template of your choice and also design your site by your wish by using the services provided there.
    Just go to Manage website—>Start to edit and set your setting.
    You can get that here…

  • You can also create your web site by using ‘Yola’.Yola too works the same way
    Get that here……

  • This is my favourite guys….that is weebly.I don’t find a huge difference between this and others.But, I dont know why I prefer this to others,hm…but I just like it.Get it here…

Some the sites like these are….

                                   Hope this was useful to you.Just enjoy the feeling of having your own website.

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