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C overtakes Java!

Wow! I really got amazed by reading this stuff in the net which actually says that C has overtaken Java when a servey was made on the popular programming languages!
I really don’t understand why people actually use a programming language like C when there is a programming language like Java which is more user friendly.

According to the servey made, C was being used by 17.555 percent of developers in the Tiobe Programming Community Index for April, while Java was used by 17.026 percent.

Coming to the other programming languages, the results are some what like this

 C++, used by 8.896 percent of developers

Objective-C, 8.236 percent

C#, 7.348 percent

PHP, 5.288 percent

Visual Basic, 4.962 percent

Python,being my favourite is  3.665 percent 😦

JavaScript, 2.897 percent and

Perl, 2.387 percent.

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