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A new way to uninstall applications.

Revo Uninstaller solves an all-too-common problem: Programs whose uninstallation routines are sloppy. Not uncommonly, when you uninstall programs in Windows, they leave bits and pieces of themselves behind, such as Registry entries. This program promises to find all those bits and pieces and zap them so that when you uninstall software, your computer gets truly clean.


Revo Uninstaller


The program does more than just uninstall software. Revo Uninstaller also includes other cleaning tools, including an Autorun manager, that will show you all the programs that start on system startup–and lets you kill or remove any that you don’t want run. And there’s a very useful “Tracks Cleaner” that will remove traces of your browsing history, as well as traces left behind by Microsoft Office applications.

Know more about it’s uses and stuff from the official web site:

Take a look at the video:

Software hub!

I have found a new website similar to softonic and sourceforge called’s collection, clearly laid out on its home page, is the best of the best. It makes sure to keep things so up-to-date that it’s likely to have updates before you know about them. The Update Checker app it provides Windows users will help you find out what software you have that needs a new version.

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Share your ppts.

Are you good at powerpoint presentations? Then here are the sites where you can upload your ppts.
Here is the best part that some of the sites even “pay you”!…
Here is the list:

some of the other related sites are:


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Japan wins the toilet technology!




In a sign of just how backed up our patent system is, Sony was finally awarded a series of claims for a vein-reading mouse it filed back in January of 2009. The idea is to use an image of the blood vessles in your index finger as an authentication system. But, instead of unlocking a PC, the identity would be associated with a set of preferences — automatically boosting contrast and text size on a screen for the elderly. While the patented claims apply exclusively to computer mice, Sony envisions vein readers everywhere, personalizing and simplifying life for the aging… even in the bathroom. Another embodiment of the system involves scanning a persons finger as they turn the doorknob to the lavatory. Once authenticated, data is sent to the toilet which automatically lifts the seat, then adjusts the force and angle of the bidet based on your preferences. Once again, Japan proves why its winning the race in toilet technology

Source: USPTO

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Design your stuff by yourself!

This post will be seriously helpful to the guys who want to have their own newspaper, visiting card and many! Didn’t you get my point? Here is the website that offers you a software by which you can make your own visiting cars or may be your private newspaper!



You can use the already built in templates or customise the existing once by your choice! Hm..interesting ,right? Here’s the best part, it’s absolutely free!

Here is the link just make yours…

Have a nice designing experience..! 😀

Blast with “SpywareBlaster”..!

There a heck of softwares available for protecting the pcs.Here is one more…!! 😛
It’s called “SpywareBlaster”.It also kicks off and blocks the sucking unuseful sites….



Get it here….

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