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What makes some people fantastically innovative?

Not that I am a great innovator or a tech guy,I just want to discuss about the key feature of an innovator’s thinking.To be straight to the point I even have no idea whether I am capable of writing on this topic or not.Well…we’ll see how it goes.



I have been reading some nice books from some time.By combining the statements there and my own experiences,I would like to say something about the topic.

What takes to be a successful innovator or an inventor? Seems as if a complicated question.But,I think that completely depends on one’s thinking and the way he looks at a problem.Going deeply, here are some of my suggestions for you guys……

  • JUST DO WHAT YOU LIKE: The most important specification to be an innovator is to enjoy your work.And,that comes when you really do what you like,and like what you do.How wierd may be your interest,just do it(unless,it hurts some body or it is illegal…).Many would criticize you,make fun of you.But,just think about the goal,it really gives you the confidence that,yeah…I can do that.Beleive me,this really works.!!
  • TAKE RISKS:Let me tell you,unless you take risks,it’s nothing.Take risks,succeed in that and be as an inspiration to your fellow mates.You may think that,we would really survive without taking risks but,let me tell you,with this kind of attitude you may survive but,you cannot make an impact on the world. 
  • GO TO THE PROBLEMS THOUGH THEY ARE NOT YOURS:This is the statement that has worked out for me the most.This was actually told by my dad.I really believe in Steve Jobs statement that,just go on what you like but,there will be a time where these irrelative things combine to give a fantastic product.But,the only thing is,How well you use these arts you have learnt when a problem is presented in front you.
  • YOUR THINKING REFLECTS WHAT YOU ARE:Generally,only those innovations succeed which have some unique quality.Research shows that your thinking kind depends on your behaviour.So,act different,be different and think different to get a solution or to tackle the problem differently.Now,what exactly it takes to have a big innovation,small innovation or a ok innovation.The basic thing is how exactly you question yourself.The cases are ‘how?’ and ‘why?’.For the guys actually question a problem like ‘how?’ they actually manage to make an innovation which will take them out of that particular problem,or say it a temporary solution.Hm…like that becomes a small innovation.But,when you question as ‘why?’ you actually are questioning the way its done.I guess you got my point.Like if you question ‘why?’ you actually start thinking from the rots which will give you obviously the best solution which eventually becomes the fantastic innovation.? This very paragraph is actually,my version of the discussion in the book…’The innovation secrets of Steve Jobs‘.
    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs

    Hope this was useful for you…….

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